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5 Things You Should Know about LED Light Therapy Facials

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LED light therapy is a great add-on treatment to any of our facials at Spa Oro Blanco. Curious what it can do for your skin? Find out the benefits of LED light treatments below!

1. LED Light is noninvasive and does not burn the skin

Chemical peels and laser treatments are effective because they “burn” the skin. LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy does not use ultraviolet rays, so it does not burn the skin. Spa Oro Blanco provides facial LED light therapy as an add-on treatment to help your skin look its absolute best. This is a great option if you are busy and don’t have the bandwidth for more time-consuming therapies. Post-treatment there is no downtime, and each add-on session takes about 15 minutes.*

2. There are two types of LED light therapy at Spa Oro Blanco

Red LED light therapy acts as an anti-aging treatment. It rejuvenates skin and improves wrinkles and other signs of aging. Blue LED light therapy improves blemishes and sun damage. Blue light therapy is especially effective for acne. Blue light therapy also improves skin tone and color.

In terms of anti aging therapies, red LED light therapy is an excellent option because it is noninvasive and provides natural improvements. The changes are noticeable, yet they are not as drastic as other therapies.
Consult your dermatologist before participating in LED light therapy; it is not recommended to use this therapy while on certain medications.

3. Treatment happens two times a week for six to twelve weeks

At Spa Oro Blanco, each LED light therapy add-on costs $20. We encourage two treatments each week for six to twelve weeks. Monthly maintenance treatments are also highly recommended. Since the therapy happens over several months, the improvements have a natural progression.

4. LED light therapy is safe for all skin tones

Because LED light therapy does not utilize ultraviolet rays, it is safe for all skin tones. Anyone can participate in LED light therapy without fear of it altering their skin tone undesirably. Some light treatments will darken and even burn the skin because of the use of ultraviolet rays. LED therapy does not have this adverse side-effect.

5. At home options

There are at home options, but they are not nearly as effective. The most effective LED light therapy happens by professionals. You get what you pay for with at-home therapies. The more expensive at home LED light therapy equipment can cost up to $250, and once again, are not as effective. Spa Oro Blanco’s LED light therapy is much more effective than anything you’d find online and you can rest assured you’re under expert care with a licensed esthetician.

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*This treatment is currently offered as an add-on only to facials.

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